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Premium sunglasses designed for Asian women. Unlike most sunglasses, these are comfortable, stay in place, and are crafted with features that cater to the unique characteristics of Asian women, ensuring a perfect fit.


Every woman deserves to look and feel her best. Unfortunately, women with low nose bridges or prominent cheekbones face fit issues and discomfort when it comes to their sunglasses—until now. Our adaptable sunglasses with DynamicFIT® offer a customized fit and unparalleled comfort for all women.

Sweet Pain's Empowerment – A captivating image showcasing two distinct pairs of Sweet Pain sunglasses, highlighting the brand's dedication to empowering every woman by providing stylish, comfortable, and uniquely designed eyewear.

What's in a name?

Shakespeare once said, "Love is a sweet pain, and sincere love is never a flat road." Inspired by that idea, we encourage women to take a journey of self-love. Embrace the ups and downs, twists and turns. That journey inspires everything we do.

We encourage women to embrace their style.

True Beauty Comes from Within – Women embracing their unique beauty with Sweet Pain sunglasses designed for comfort and confidence.

True Beauty Comes from Within

We aim to inspire women to feel comfortable and confident in everything they do. That's why we make sunglasses with high-quality materials that fit every face.

For too long, women with different types of beauty have struggled with subpar sunglasses. They slip, rub against eyelashes, and press against cheeks. This is especially true for women with low nose bridges and prominent cheekbones, as often seen in Asian women.

Sweet Pain changes all of that. Our sunglasses are specially made to feel great, stay in place, and look incredible. We believe every woman is beautiful and deserves accessories that accentuate her style.

Style for all. This is Sweet Pain.

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